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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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indulge in a recreational situation. to be able to meet out a punishment as harsh as this is a little unprecedented. one of the violations counted as a strike was splitting a field into two. if i have a field for one hour, whatever i do should not be counted against me. the old wise man says to air is cumin and forgive is divine. make do with all of these zero violations, please give a chance to correct those mistakes and i assure no one is going to do that again. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this issue? >> i have been playing with the
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league for five years, since mid 2007. i would say 90% of what i do came from the teams we play with and against. i've had not -- i have not had much contact with paul what i have had has been helpful and professional. with a tricky situation last year were a team captain died in a ski accident and the whole league was very kind and helpful way they dealt with our team. we are all very grateful for the way they have dealt with us and communicate with this week to week. for what it's worth, i would very much like to stay playing was norcal as an organization.
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thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. my name is vincent. i have known paul for probably about 12 years. i played with him in the league, and honestly, he is a great guy. i know from speaking to him that he is extremely sorry about the violations that happened. he also wants to correct them. i think he should get -- the given a chance to do that. i have to say that knowing both organizations on a personal level, his organization has always been run excellently. all the teams are dealt with in a very professional way. truthfully, i would like to state play with norcal rather than transition to another league. i did not know that anything has been set up to transition these leagues.
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the other thing i also want to say is that there has been over 150 different members of the league that e-mail in support of this, so you have a number of people supporting paul. all these people here are supporting him. he has done a great thing for all of us. over these past eight years that he has been doing this league, i have met so many people. i have been playing with some of these people for eight years. it is amazing to go and see these people. when you have a community to be part of, that is something that has to be considered in regards to transition. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. my name is sylvester. there were another five people that could not stay but they wanted to talk.
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this is a great need, and it would be really sad to see them have to give it up. i just want to say that -- excuse me. i have a problem stuttering when i get nervous. paul has been very kind with my team to accommodate my team to play at a certain time because i coach and under 9-year-old soccer team. he has been very kind to accommodate our game times. i have also played for other leagues. i'm not going to say that
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things, but judges prefer playing for norcal. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, this item is closed. am i allowed to ask another question of staff? just so i'm crystal clear on this, on our website, it states what the consequences are of breaking these rules. is that correct? on the permit. but it is stated -- >> there is a section of the website where you go to get the permits, and it stated there, and it stated in writing when you get the action will permit. >> and we are dealing here with a person or entity that had multiple violations. >> i have listed 3. >> right, 3 that we know of.
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are we in discussion now? here is where i come down on this. i do not want to be overly punitive to this organization because you are clearly delivering a tremendous benefit to the community, and our job is to facilitate activity for the people of san francisco, but as the gentleman said, to err is human. once is human, but multiple times is not right. my feeling about this is we either have rules or we do not. i am struggling because i do not want all of the players to suffer, but i also know that if you do not have some kind of consequences for your actions, then the hard work of this department, and what our permit division has been trying to do is all for naught, and who knows who else is breaking the rules and who will continue to break the rules.
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>> i don't know that i'm terribly sympathetic on this. i'm sorry. >> i'm also sympathetic as well. i'm asking myself whether it -- what other solution could there be other than the one that is being suggested. when you are given several opportunities to kind of go the straight and narrow, and you look the other way and do something else, it is difficult not to expect that there would be some kind of consequences. you know, there is cause and there is a fact. there's no question about that. the only question that i have to
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ask here -- because i really -- my gut feeling says this program is a great program. i have known about norcal for many years. i know what they do out in the community. that is what my gut tells me. but at the same time, being an administrator of programs, i know that there's consequences when the protocols of any of the programs that i administer are not followed. so i just want to know, and i just want to throw it out there -- is there anything else we could do other than what we're doing now that is being recommended that would be less harsh? i cannot come up with an answer. i really cannot.
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so i presume that that being the case, i mean, unless somebody comes up with another solution that is less harsh, our hands are tied. we have to support the staff recommendation because we know that their resources are limited. we know that we cannot expect them to be 24/7 on any project, and so we have to be supportive of them, but at the same time, i think we have to take a positive line here and hope for the best of norcal coming back into the
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scene after the suspension is over. >> thank you. seeing no other comments, i will make the following statement. i'm not inclined to grant the appeal. i'm inclined to deny it, purely based on multiple violations. old ones, okay. walt weiss -- we have a problem. the third time, it is just unacceptable to me. i would entertain a motion to deny the appeal. >> can i ask something? >> please. >> just for my own sanity here. could we recommend a reduced suspension of nine months or six months? to do? >> i think the net effect is the same thing. the teams all go to the other league. >> the league gets dismantled, right? even if it is for 30 days. >> i further think that we sent
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the wrong message if we grant the appeal to everybody else, and we put an extra burden on the staff to try to monitor these things. that is my own personal feeling, but i would entertain a motion to deny the appeal. >> so moved. >> it has been moved and seconded? all those in favor? aye. oppose? hearing none, thank you. >> we are now on item 14, which is general public comment continued. is there anyone here who would like to make general public, on items that are not on the calendar? seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are now on item 15, which is closed session on existing litigation. item 15a is public comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session.
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is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. we need a vote on whether to go into closed session. >> move to go into closed session. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? aye >> ok, so we need to make a motion -- >> we have reconvened into open session, which is item 16. item 16a. >> there was no action taken in closed session. so now we vote to elect to
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disclose any or all discussions? >> so we need a motion. >> move not to disclose. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> and 17, commissioners matters. any commissioner matters? >> for the love of god, no. >> public comment? item 18, new business agenda setting? >> thank you. >> 19, communications. commissioners, is there any public comment? public comment is closed, and 20 is an adjournment. >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> item 22 --
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>> for the meeting will come to
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order. good afternoon. this is the monday, april 16, 2012 meeting of the land use and economic develop committee for the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is eric mar, chair of the committee. tamara is malia cohen. to my left is supervisor scott wiener. our clerk is ms. alisa miller. >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. documents should be submitted to the creek bottoms acted upon it will appear on april 24 board of supervisors agenda less inert -- otherwise stated. supervisor mar: thank you. in the two items. >> item number one, ordinance amending the sidewalk with of golden gate avenue and redwood valley. >> i do not have a presentation. actually, this is the location for the new puc headquarters
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building. 525 building gate. -- 525 golden gate. it was a suggestion from staff members at dpw, we were requested to widened sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety. we also included the pg&e vault underneath the sidewalk. we do not wanted encroaching into the street. on redwood and polk street supervisor mar: street mar read what is the alley between mcallister and turk? >> yes. if you have questions, i am available. >> si no questions, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? please come forward. it is a maximum of three
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minutes. you'll hear a tone 30 seconds before your time is up. >> good afternoon. my name is douglas yep and i have lived in san francisco for 60 years. i would like to speak in favor of this ordinance. i do what that blog very often, going to the federal building some -- so i think it does need a wider with. -- a wider width. since we're dealing with economic development, i would like to make a suggestion of candlestick park, we can use it for the benefit of the bayview community. we should consider that in a future hearing before this committee. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. is there anyone else a with like to speak. seeing none, public comment is closed. can we move this forward with a positive recommendation without objection? thank you. >> item number two, resolution approving the six months the designation of two temporary selling spaces on market street
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for street artists. supervisor mar: from the san francisco art commission, howard lazar. >> we are here for six spaces. supervisor mar: we only have the second item, which is on market street north side, spear to stuart st.. >> yes, but we should have six spaces. supervisor mar: yes, but this is just item number two. i have to -- >> this is our 40th year in existence. on june 30, a saturday, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary at justin herman plaza, adjacent to the sidewalk that i am talking about right here. if you can picture the sidewalk, that is the north sidewalk of market street at stuart, which is a dead-end, and spear street.
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in 1987, the board of supervisors awarded our program eight spaces west of where we are proposing, and then in 2009, the board awarded nine spaces east of where we are proposing. so with these six spaces, that would fill in the gap right there. as you know, it is an enormously wide sidewalk. you can very easily contained these six spaces. what is the reason for it? well, the justin herman plaza is so popular for the street cards. they have a lottery there every morning at 6:00 a.m. typically, you make about 150 artists show up for 70 spaces. so the rest, if they do not go elsewhere in the city, they will go on the sidewalk, already in the spaces that are there. and this would add six more spaces which would siphon off
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the number even better. and i would be very happy to answer any questions you may have. also, a main point want to make is at this time we're asking that these spaces before a six- month designation, to see whether or not they will work out, whether or not there would cause any problems. pedestrian or otherwise. and if there are no problems, we would like to come back in six months before you and ask that their term be extended. supervisor mar: i see no questions from colleagues. i was just going to say it looks like it is adding a number of spaces along worthy -- where the hyatt regency sidewalk is, to fill in the permanent space is. but it is like filling in an area so there is even more of a walkable string of different small merchants that are there. >> that is right. supervisor mar: ok, let's open
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this up for public comment. please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been in the street artist program cents a 1974. this being our 40th anniversary, we do have spaces all over the city. as the years go on, some of the space is a more viable than others. and some that used to be great are no longer as good. so this area of justin herman plaza, where we have this beautiful arts and crafts market, is important to add this string of spaces. supervisor mar: you're like 38 years. >> this is my 39th summer. i was not there right at the beginning, but i have been there throughout. the neighborhood there has about three or four cafes. there are no retail shops there, so there's no opposition from anybody. in fact, we forget -- we frequent the cafes, and we are good customers. some of the area there is sort
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of a panhandlers row, and when we're selling in that area, of course our booths are up, and that leaves little room for them. so actually we're quite popular among the merchants there. this is a nice extension of our arts and crafts market, and it is very popular among the street artists. so please consider this. thank you very much. supervisor mar: can i ask you when the occupy sf when shearing the area -- how did that impact the smaller merchants? >> it was pretty difficult. at first there were some very serious folks there in the occupy movement. pretty soon, it devolved into a homeless camp. of course, sanitation was a very large problem. we had a lot of problems with people sort of wandering through at all times of the day. it was pretty destructive to both us and our neighbors in the stores. when it was finally cleaned up and moved out, we were very
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happy. although most of us do agree with the philosophy of the occupy folks. the people that ultimately joined them or more of a problem than a solution to the philosophy. so we appreciate what happened ultimately in the end. but of course we think is important. thank you so much. supervisor mar: thank you. is there anyone else who would like to speak? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been a street artist for about 25 years. i just wanted to say with a few more spaces, they will help about 150 people try to make a living out of that area. we need to get a space, and it is a big number for us. so i hope you consider it for us. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you so much. is there anyone else who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. can we move this forward with a positive present that on -- recommendation without objection? >> there is an error in the title this is two selling spaces, but in the body it should be six. so we need to amended on page 1, 3. supervisor mar: i move that we make that amendment in the number, and thank you for bringing that to our attention, mr. lazar, as well. can we take that a minute? thank you. can we move this forward without objection? our city attorney is advising that it does not require continuing. so we're moving this forward with a positive recommendation without objection. thank you. is there any other business before us? >> no, that is it. supervisor mar: thank you, everyone. meeting adjourned.
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>> when stephen de staebler died, he was working on one of the biggest shows of his career, matter and spirit. it is a retrospective look at the many faces and faces of the life of an innovative artist from the california clay movement. stephen de staebler's developed in an area dominated by abstract expression.
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even his peers saw his form. >> he was able to find a middle ground in which he balanced the ideas of human figuration and representation with abstraction and found it even more meaningful to negotiate that duality. >> another challenge was to create art from a meeting that was typically viewed as kraft material. his transforming moment was an accident in the studio. an oversized vertical sculpture began to collapse under its own weight and spread onto the floor. he sought a new tradition before him, landscape sculpture. >> you feel this extended human form underneath the surface of the earth struggling to emerge. eventually, it does. it articulates his idea that the earth is like flesh, and the archaeology and geology in the
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earth are like the bones, the structure of the earth. this tied in with his idea of mother earth, with the sense that we are all tied to nature and the earth. >> a half dozen bay area museums and private collectors loan the massive sculptures to the museum for its matter and spirit retrospective. but the most unusual contributions came from stephen himself. a wall of autobiographical masks and hence from the early decades of his private study. >> he had one of the most beautiful studios i have ever been in. when you walk in, your first impression is of these monumental figures that you see in the exhibition, but if you went into the back corner of his studio, there was a series of shells with these diminutive figures. he told me, these are the heart of my studio. these little, and held intimate study is that he referred to as
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his sketchbook. a painter might make drawings. stephen de staebler made miniature sculptures. >> during the 1970's, he was inspired by the monuments of egypt. he assembled a large rocks of clay into figures that resembled the ancient kings and queens. he credited a weathered appearance by rubbing glazes' into the clay while still wet. the misfires from his killed were brought in his backyard in his berkeley home. he called it his boneyard. in the last year of his life, he dug up the artifacts from his own history, and the bones were rearranged, in the were slimmer figures with wings. >> even if you knew nothing about his life or career, you sensed there was an artist dealing with this fundamental issue of life and death, the cake, netting back together, and you feel there is an attempt to deal with mortality and immortality. there is a seeking of spiritual
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meaning in an existential stage. >> during his 50-year career, stephen de staebler worked to form and out of the clay of the ground and give it a breath of life. matter and spirit gathers the many expressions of his meditations. and gives the viewer and insight into the artist's life. learn more about the retrospective on line at


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